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I Want My HD(TV)

Posted by SeanFranchise on March 7, 2008

So its been a whopping 1o minutes since I dropped my delightfully cheery introduction, and I’m already angry. This anger is not a new feeling. No, its one thats been festering in my mind for a few months now.

I’m blessed to live in Raleigh, NC. By all accounts, one of the best places to live in the country (despite one of the only advantages I can see being a leg up on family purchasing power). Seriously though, Raleigh is a great place to live and I’m grateful to have my life here. One problem, and I’m nit-picking here, is that there’s a full blown cable monopoly here. Thats right, this is Ted Turner territory.

Time Warner Cable is a pretty well established company. But for all the national coverage they have, they are pretty crappy when it comes to HD programming. After spending a weekend at my sister’s house (a DirecTV house), I’ve been itching for more high resolution goodness in my own home. While there, I was treated to the visual nuances of Survivorman’s hippie beard and hours upon hours of full blown HD NFL Network. Rich Eisen’s proud mug has never looked so good. They even had the NHL Network (WHAT?!?!) and the SciFi Network in HD. The thought of Battlestar Galactica in full high definition glory had me drunk with anticipation. Needless to say, I returned home with a new sweet tooth for HD content.

Now, to be fair, Time Warner does carry some of the essentials in HD. All the local networks, including a digital channel that shows nothing but 80s action programming, are there as sharp as ever. And while I relish the chance to watch Air Wolf at all hours of the day, I need more. Okay, ESPN and the deuce are there, as is a combined channel that shows content from Versus and the Golf Channel. Hockey and Golf in HD really are sights to be hold, no doubt. Yet still, I can only find HD to watch a third of the time. So imagine my delight when I read that Time Warner is set to add channels in a few short weeks!

Thats right, soon I was treated to the visual feast that is HGTV-HD and Food Network HD…

Try and keep your pants on. I’m hard pressed to find two channels that I could care less to see in high definition (with the exception of Rachael Ray). So with those new heavy hitters in the mix, I’m still dead in the water for HD content a good deal of the time.

Why not try DirecTV? Because a hundred dollars is a steep price to pay for a simple installation. So why then, i must ask, is Time Warner acquiring such inconsequential HD programming? And why does the satellite subscriber get the goods, and then some?

I guess thats what I get when I trust this guy:

Ted Told Ya!

I know… I shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks Ted, ya smug bastard!


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